PROTEAS – OPEN LAB – Visit by members of the K.E.THE.A INTERVENTION community to the conservation area / February 2023 – National Sculpture Gallery

12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The primary idea of the PROTEAS project is to bring the general public closer to the work of art conservators and researchers through the creation of an open-view laboratory (EATh).

Within the framework of the collaboration between the National Gallery and the K.E.THE.A INTERVENTION community, where a plethora of activities have been taking place since 2014, and as part of the PROTEAS program, a scheduled visit to the National Sculpture Gallery was conducted. During this visit, the large-scale work (4.45 x 8.45 meters) by Charles Louis Lucien Muller, titled “March 30, 1814,” and belonging to the Collection of the National Gallery, was discussed. Members of the K.E.THE.A INTERVENTION community had the opportunity to engage in conversations with the conservators from the Directorate of Art Conservation at EPΜΑS, get informed about the PROTEAS program, receive information about the work and its history, and learn about the conservation methodology that the conservators would follow to address and restore the damages of such large-scale artworks.


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