PROTEAS – OPEN LAB – Open guided tour for the public during maintenance works / March 2023 – National Sculpture Gallery

12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Behind the scenes of the Art Conservation at EPΜΑS, in a specially designed space at the National Sculpture Gallery in Goudi, conservation work was carried out on the monumental painting (4.45 x 8.45 m) by Charles Luis Lucien Muller, titled ‘March 30, 1814.’

On Monday, March 20, 2023, organized open tours for the public took place as part of the program acronymed PROTEAS (National Scope Action, Research – Creating Innovation, 2nd cycle, project code T2EDK-02428). The aim of this program is to bring the general public closer to the work of art conservators and researchers.

Visitors had the opportunity to converse with the conservators and observe their work during the conservation process. They were informed about the PROTEAS program, received information about the scientific field of art conservation, and were thoroughly briefed on both the challenges and the conservation efforts carried out on Muller’s work, as well as its history.

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