Conservation Works

  • Varnish coating

    All painted works ¬†should be coated with varnish. Varnish not only aids in preservation of the work, but also improves its appearance by providing an even gloss, saturating the colours, […]

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  • Reinforcement of fabric backing

    Strip lining of existing support When the ends of the support have weakened new cloth strips are adhered along the tacking margin to reinforce it (strip lining). Total lining of […]

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  • Photography

    Photographic documentation of the condition of a project before and after maintenance, as well as of the maintenance procedures, is an absolutely essential action before any intervention is carried out. […]

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  • Cleaning the painting surface

    Cleaning an artwork is a particularly sensitive and demanding part of the conservation and restoration process. The accumulations and deposits of atmospheric pollutants, oxidized varnish, and old restorations, which are […]

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  • Fixing of painted surface and restoration of tears and holes

    When flaking, cracking, or swelling causes the detachment or delamination of a work’s paint from the ground layer or support a range of materials are applied in an attempt to […]

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